Fire resistant grazing up to 4 x 2 meters

Whether it is wind, salt or weather – at sea, ships and people are exposed to particularly high stresses. While developing new glass solutions, we always have these particularly high requirements at sea in mind. In the glazing of fire protection glass, we also rely on innovative glazing that protects people and property on board.

Our certified GLY-MarineCobondFR60® should be your first choice for fire protection glass. With the highest fire resistance class, class A60, GLY-MarineCobondFR60® not only protects against smoke and gases, but also against heat radiation!

To pass a test in this resistance class, the glass in its maximum size must withstand temperatures of up to 960 degrees Celsius – for a period of 60 minutes. The environment must remain absolutely free of fire, gas, smoke or heat. In addition to these specifications, an average value of 140 degrees Celsius on the side of the glazing facing away from fire must not be exceeded.

Accompanied by Lloyd´s Register, our solution for fire-resistant glazing on ships has been certified in accordance with the IMO 2010 FTP Code.

GLY-MarineCobondFR60® enables maximum safety on board without neglecting aesthetics. Thanks to a special design, glazing with panels only 60 millimetres thick and without visible mechanical fastenings or attachment frames is also possible flush with the hull shell. Ask us about the realisation of your ideas for superstructures.

Application area:

  • hull glazing
  • large windows for Superstructure


  • fire resistant glass A60 according to IMO 2010 FTP Code
  • total strength underneath 6cm
  • dimension up to 4mx2m
  • flush-mounted integration

GLY-MarineCobondFR60® is certified with a Type Approval by LLoyds Register.