Large and economically to 16 meters

Extreme forces prevail at sea. Nowhere else is a safety glass product exposed to such harsh conditions. That’s why you only find one name at exposed locations on yachts: GLY-MarineCobond®.

GLY-MarineCobond® is a multi-laminated glass that has been specially developed for the marine sector. It resists wind and waves with unsurpassed stiffness and unparalleled sustainability elements. Its superiority was proven in extensive tests.

GLY-MarineCobond® is a glass product that can be measured thinner than usual glazing by up to 45% due to its special structure causing an equal reduction in weight. Nevertheless, it shows the same strength.

GLY-MarineCobond® allows the use of glass in areas of a Megayacht that would be unthinkable otherwise.

Application area:

  • hull glazing
  • deck glazing
  • glass floors
  • pool glass panes
  • railing
  • underwater windows
  • windbreaker
  • Portholes without Stormshutters
  • large windows for Superstructure
  • Skylights
  • Glass Foors
  • Glazed Bulkwarks


  • 3,2 x 16 meters length in one piece
  • flat or curved
  • colored or reflective appearance
  • reduction of solar and UV radiation
  • personal security by blast windows
  • fire resistant
  • heatable