Professional qualifications of our employees

Trained, qualified, certificated and excellently – we have worked out our strength continuously and strictly. Ambitious aims, high motivation of our staff and regular trainings have made us what we are today.

All of our highly qualified technicans are European Adhesive Bonders or European Adhesive Specialists – trained and certified by the Fraunhofer Institute.

Supervisors are European Adhesive Specialists (EAS)

Components must be smaller and lighter. Also they must meet ecological and economical requirements. The adhesive technology is able to combine different materials into a powerful composite system. Our project and construction managers are certified EAS. They are able to create work instructions and adhesive testing to guide Adhesive Bonders in theory and practice. The operations are planned by them, organized and monitored, process parameters are controlled and also varied if necessary.


Sherlog: ultrasonic leak test

Density is a quality criterion of the highest priority in the navigation. The density check with ultrasound is carried out by an ultrasonic transmitter which is positioned inside of the examining space. After that, the contours of the connections are scanned with a special detector. The trained contact with the ultrasonic detector enables our employees to identify and to localize leaks in glazings.


Awards for GLY

Our creative innovations, our courage to collect new designs, our passion for exceptional projects, and equally our employee’s efforts have nationally been rewarded in an outstanding way.

DIN 2304 – quality management in the adhesive technology

On December 8th, 2016 our organization and our working processes had undergo the auditing procedure by Fraunhofer Institute. Since December 8th, 2016 we are the first company worldwide which is certified after DIN 2304.

DIN 2304 – the quality management in the adhesive technology. We stand for organized quality management and as well for mastery and compliance of gluing processes.


GLY-MarineCobondFR60® – type approval

One of the latest development is the glazing of fire-resistant windows with the highest fire resistance class A60. After extensive testing we present our product GLY-MarineCobondFR60®. It can be ordered with a width of over 4 metres and a height of 2 metres. With a total thickness of less than 6 centimetres, the fire-resistant glass meets the A60 requirements of the IMO 2010 FTP Code.

GLY-MarineCobondFR60® is certified by Lloyd’s Register.