For every project the ideal glass solution

On account of the multifaceted demand it is hardly possible that only one glass manufacturer can produce all glasses for a modern luxury yacht. Every manufacturer is a specialist for his scope of supply.

Limitations in the range of products of one company are unavoidable. As your partner for glass in luxury yachts, we cooperate independently with an extensive network of qualified glass manufacturers.Thus, we have unlimited possibilities for the product selection and any application.

The right solution for your project at any time – because we know the possibilities.

Application area:

  • hull glazing
  • deck glazing
  • glass floors
  • pool glass panes


  • flat or curved
  • colored or reflective appearance
  • reduction of solar and UV radiation (Deutsch ergänzen: Sonnen- und UV-Strahlungs-reduzierend)
  • personal security by blast windows
  • fire resistant
  • heatable